The Studio

I am looking forward to seeing your family at my studio!

My studio is located inside of Arrow Realty


9089 suite 910, Foothills Blvd

Roseville, Ca 95747

My studio will be very warm for your session, around 80 degrees. This helps baby keep cozy and warm for all of those cute "nakey baby" portraits. It also helps keep baby sleepy, making for a smoother session. I recommend wearing layers.

The Session

Your session will likely be 2-3 hours long but some sessions can be up to 4 hours long. This gives us time for a stress-free and rush-free portrait session. Your baby will have all the time they need to eat, snuggle, be lulled to sleep, and anything else they might need. If your baby gets a little fussy, don't worry! While some babies sleep through the bulk of their session, some might have some fussy moments. It's normal for newborns to get a little fussy sometimes, and is a part of the process. There is plenty of time allotted to soothe your baby and take all of the precious photographs.

Big Siblings

If your baby has an older sibling coming to their session, keep in mind that 3 hours is a long time for big siblings! For this reason, I photograph big siblings with their new babies at the very start of the session. I have little items of bribery on hand if needed, and if you'd like to bring them a treat from home, please do not bring chocolate or anything that might melt into a big mess. I also recommend treats that will not be sticky or end up smeared all over your child's face. Making portraits as fun as possible for big siblings results in some of the most precious and cherished portraits. Don't stress if the sibling doesn't immediately cooperate. They're going through a HUGE adjustment! I aim to create a fun and loving experience for your newborn's big sibling and I have many tricks up my sleeve. We will likely achieve a fun-loving portrait of your babies together that will forever be adored. Now, once family portraits are done, big siblings will need to leave the studio. This provides a quieter environment for your newborn to be lulled to sleep. Please have someone prepared to leave the studio with the older child once the family portrait portion of your session is complete. If you need any ideas of places near the studio to take a big sibling, please reach out to ask! I know of a few places.

Tips for getting the best sibling portraits possible:

Don't say, "Say cheese!" This will just result in an unnatural smile.

Let me do my best to bring out a big smile from a big sibling. If you are behind me doing this, it will be very challenging to get your child to make eye contact with the camera.

Ideally, don't scold. Scolding big siblings will make it harder for them to cooperate and give natural smiles.

Have big sibling practice holding their baby beforehand. Teach them to be sweet and gentle with their baby. Tell them how wonderful of a job they're doing and that you cannot wait to have the photographer take a picture of them with their baby.

Big siblings have my heart just as your newborn does. These portraits always end up being some of my favorite portraits.

What to bring

You don't need to bring any props, accessories, or blanket backdrops to your newborn's session. I have all of that on hand at the studio. You are welcome to bring any special blankets, accessories, or anything else meaningful to you that you would like photographed with your baby. Please let me know ahead of time what you will be bringing so that I can plan accordingly.

During your session, your baby will likely need to eat. Please bring any nursing supplies, bottles, or anything else you may need for baby.


Now, when it comes to dressing your family for your family's portraits, I highly recommend dressing everyone in neutral-colored clothing. Neutrals help keep the focus on your baby and your family's love for one another.

Mostly, you will be photographed from the waist and up.

Here are some examples:

You will have access to a private bathroom to change as needed.

Feel free to reach out with questions in regards to your family's wardrobe. I love helping clients decide how to style their families for their portraits.

More to consider

As your baby is often photographed in your hands, having clean or freshly manicured nails is important for your whole family.

You will often be photograhped from the front, wearing your hair down is typically prefered.

I personally love portraits to have a more natural feel. Wearing a more natural makeup look, if any makeup at all, gives your portraits a softer feel. Harsh eyeliner, colorful eyeshadow, and bright lipstick can take away from this natural feel.

None of this is required, of course! These are your portraits, it is important that you look and feel as you'd like. It is simply what I believe gives your portraits the most natural and snuggly feel, reminiscent of those early days with your growing family.